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Cozarts Wellness

Azima Maat Divine

“If you don’t take care of yourself, then who else will”

Cozart's Wellness Clinic and Wholostic Mobile Spa was created by 27yr old AziMa Ma’at Divine formerly known as Ashley Cozart. She resides in Jacksonville, FL. Where she discovered Cozart's Wellness while on her journey to self-mastery. While on that journey one-day, Ashley realized that it was her who controlled completing her destiny, as she began to heal herself mentally, physically and emotionally through the practice of self-care.

AziMa realized soon through her accomplishments in life that she possessed all that she needed to heal within herself. AziMa found out that no one, not doctors, teachers, friends and family had more power than she did. By trusting the creator, Universe, God, her Spirit guides, star family and her higher self, Ashley was soon able to drop over 80 pounds and purge herself of unhealthy habits that were not dedicated to her highest and best good. Ashley began to finally enjoy life better than before while practicing discipline through fasting, meditation, abstaining from sexual activity, alcohol and drugs. She also invested in mentors and life coaches through all of this, leading her into discovering her life purpose. Which is to help heal a nation. 

By learning to love herself Ashley was able to see the love all around her that nature possess, as well as learn to love all the people and things around her. Concluding that everything in the universe was connected, she began to radiate love living life according to the laws of Ma'at who is the ancient Egyptian goddess of harmony, justice, balance truth, law, and mortality.

Cozart's wellness is of many things. One of its main goals is to remind people to put themselves first. Often, we get caught up with making everyone else happy and pleasing everyone else that we forget ourselves. Cozart's Wellness’s mission is to help one to remember themselves and that their feelings matter, to help one to get in tuned and heal themselves mentally, physically, and emotionally.  Ashley gets joy from helping others discover their life purposes and living healthier lifestyles. She enjoys it so much that she does not consider it work as this is what the Universe created her to do.

Ashley finds peace in offering services in Yoga, Reiki, Vaginal Womb Steaming, Plant Based Nutrition Coaching, Wholistic Coaching, Herbal Remedies, Butters, with so much more to come. Cozart's wellness will make the paradigm shift that is needed to heal our planet.

“If you don't take care of you, then who else will. The first step to self-love is self-care” 

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